50 over 50 interviewees – Jackie Juno – Comedian, Poet & Singer

  1. Tell us more about yourself. What do you do and how long you’ve been working in this industry?

I’m a comedian, a poet, and a singer in a rock band. Comedian since the age of 30, poet since the age of 44, and singer since my 20’s. I’m now 55 and ¾.

  1. Who did you want to be when you were a kid?

All I wanted to be was an artist. That was my main thing.

  1. What was your ‘punch in the stomach’ or when did you first realise that this is going to become your career?

The first time I got up on stage, I just knew that this was where I was meant to be!

  1. What were the 3 biggest obstacles in pursuit of your career?
    • Self-doubt;
    • Location (I live in Dartmoor, very rural Devon!); 
  • And family commitments.
  1. Where do you find inspiration?

In the people I meet, my inner spiritual life, nature, and dysfunctional modern society.

  1. What challenges do you face in this industry as a ‘50+ artist’?

Being a technophobe doesn’t help. Being out of touch with the latest sayings, trends, media personalities. Possible prejudice from the industry and the public.

  1. What advice would you give someone who is about to start their career but is being told that it’s ‘too late’?

I do believe it’s never too late. All ages have valid things to say about their experience in the world. Unfortunately, society favours the young, but we don’t have to buy into that!

  1. Do you have any idols and if so, who and why?

Frida Kahlo for her fighting spirit, radicalism, creativity, and triumphs against all odds. Although she never reached her 50’s…

  1. What’s your life motto?  

If not now, then when?

  1. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Black. Black has been given a lot of stick for being ‘negative’ and ‘dark’ – but black is a beautiful colour. Without black, seeds wouldn’t grow. We would not see the moonshine or the stars twinkle, we wouldn’t appreciate the light.

Catch Jackie at one of her upcoming summer shows or find more information about her latest work on her website.

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