How to join 50 over 50 campaign?

This year I am celebrating my big 50 (five oh) and I want it to be different.

I decided to create a campaign which would celebrate women, who are my age or older, and are still actively performing in our industry. I know that there are so many women out there who have been told that they are starting their careers too late, who should retire by the age of 30 or even worse – are lacking talent. I want to challenge this perception and show our industry that all you need to be a truly remarkable artist is dedication, passion and a lot of hard work.

Listen to my vlog to hear how this idea was born and what my aspirations for this campaign are.

We need your help to find 50 inspirational women who are still active in the industry. It doesn’t matter whether they perform part-time, in theater or on the street, as long as they are still in front of the audience. If you know someone you find incredibly empowering, tell them about this campaign. Or better, tell us and we will get in touch with her.

We will then interview her and will publish her story on our website and social media channels. Self-nominations are also highly encouraged!

Drop us a line at or call on 0203 637 3053. I would love to hear from you.

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