What do you actually get when you hire an artist?

In this digital day and age, people are getting used to measuring everything, from personal goals such as how many steps their take a day to more professional ones such as what return on investment they will achieve if they hire live entertainment.

There is no doubt that the live entertainment and events industry are thriving. People are social creatures and nothing will ever replace face to face interaction. However, higher demand for live entertainment means that clients have less time to research what entertainment would be suitable for their event and whether it would match their company’s values. As a result, more and more clients are starting to focus on the aesthetics of the performance (or the performer) rather than their experience, talent and the ability to engage with the audience. As Adam Sternberg wrote in his article in Conference & Incentive Travel magazine, “Booking enquiries are too often based on looks – I have never been asked how a string quartet sound”.

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I understand why clients might struggle to get the most suitable performer for their event and why they pay attention to the looks. And yes, I do agree that the aesthetics such as your costume, makeup or stage setting are important. However, it only makes a small part of the performance, and artists bring so much more to the table than just that. I’ve worked in the industry for 20 years and from my experience I can say that this is a people’s business and the quality of a live performance cannot be measured in numbers.

It might sound like a cliché, but in my opinion, artists are visionaries. They go out to the world to explore the unknown and come back to generously share that knowledge with their audience. They are storytellers who will never give you a direct representation of their discoveries. They are masters of masking the most beautiful emotions and transforming them into music, dance or any other type of live performance.

A skilful performer will be able to catch a glimpse of curiosity in someone’s eye and will instantly connect with them. They will take them on a personal journey through their own feelings, emotions and memories. A great artist knows how to bond with their audience and create a magical place; a place where people forget the reality and their everyday problems.

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So if you ask me what live performers bring to the event, I will tell you that they bring joy, a piece of magic and most importantly a new way to view the world.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Perfect for flower, garden and horticultural events. Popular for design festivals and enchanted garden/forest themed parties.

Performance time of 90 mins, recommended 3 x 30 mins or 2 x 45 mins for evening events

If you would like to discuss hiring me for parties or corporate events please get in touch on 0203 637 3053 or head over to my website for more details.

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” .... brilliant; extremely professional, really easy to work with and, most importantly, really, really well received by the audience!” Sophie Parkinson, Senior Account Executive, Fresh

Delightful costumes, always helpful and friendly and a true crowd pleaser, Sorcha is exactly the kind of entertainer that makes me delighted to put on events.’ Anna Strickland, Missing Link Productions

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